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Wisdom Comes In MAny Ages, And Many Different Ways. Post Your Thoughts And Ideas Here For Those Who Might Not Take Them For Granted
Mar. 15th, 2004 @ 08:14 pm (no subject)
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Current Mood: draineddrained

Any thoughts ideas or opinions on these poems, feel free

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Jan. 14th, 1988 @ 09:15 pm Oops
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:D hi y'all. i haven't posted in a while... sorry i have been busy. A friend of mine just moved in my house, and he ent to darts this weekend. he came in third. I am gonna go with him next year maybe. Actually i decided topost because i just started taking this creative writing course in college, and i am really excited. i hope that it is as fun as it sounds. :) most times they aren't, but hey, i can hope. I am going to london tomorrow with mom and dad and rob. and i want to thank everyone who's posted for doing so... i love them all, and post more! i like to come here and see tonnes and tonnes of stuff to read. it makes me giddy;) wow. i have been in a really good mood lately. i got called for a job interview today, but i already got a job a little while ago. i almost thought about going anyway, but then i was like nah. but ne ways... the writing:
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Mar. 14th, 2004 @ 12:01 pm Inner Child is taking over
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Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
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I dont know, but lately I've been watching Disney movies... Is my inner child taking over me again? Trying to get me to appreciate the simpler things in life, through disney movies? I have no clue. Maybe I'm insane and making no sense to anyone. I've watched Aladdin, Lion King 1,2 and 1 1/2, Anastasia, and The Aristocats. And Now I wanna watch Sleeping Beauty. My all time favorite movie. And Beauty and the Beast. I remember the old days... Coming home from kindergarden. Sitting in the middle of room and my mom putting on The Little Mermaid, while I would play with my mermaid doll, and sing to the songs, such as "Under the Sea" or the pretty song Ariel sings in the beginning of the movie about wanting to walk on land. And then after finished, I'd take a nap in the center of the room with all my dolls spread out and not get into trouble. Aw man, how good were those days. Carefree. Not having to worry about school, or boys, or homework, getting into symphonic band, dealing with annoying sisters. If I could have those days back, I dont know If I could honestly take them back now. I mean I look at all I've accopmplished now. Sure there are some things I would do differntly, but I dont think I could re do the paart of my life I've done. Plus I'm mostly happy with my life right now. In love, my future ahead of me, a best friend I know I'll always love. Despite the things I want back, such as nap time and watching child movies and palying with my dolls, I do have a lot going for me right now. Plus redoing all those days of math, would kill me. :P

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Mar. 12th, 2004 @ 05:52 pm Subjects suck...
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Found this community by simply reading my friends lj info.
And seeing as how I'm my own worst critic and I love poetry, maybe at least one person can give me an honest opinion on a poem I wrote...
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Feb. 27th, 2004 @ 08:06 pm (no subject)
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Current Mood: listlesslistless
hmmmmm Not really sure what this is. I should not be alone and restless.
That is all.
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Feb. 23rd, 2004 @ 12:17 pm (no subject)
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Okay. Here are some poems that I posted in my personal journal a few days ago. Actully I did have two but I wil only put one of them up here. Its one that a lot of people seemed to like. Well, here we go!

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well, more of a fragment but I am going to work it ito a longer poem I think.
Feb. 22nd, 2004 @ 09:00 pm The Well
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Here is another little collective of words that when read conjure up imagery in your mind's eye.
Comments, criticism, and more welcome.
I wrote this one a while back.
When I find my muse I'll have to write something new.

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Feb. 21st, 2004 @ 10:39 am (no subject)
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Current Mood: gloomygloomy
Current Music: the wind
i feel unloved:( and lonely. please post. i really do enjoy reading them!!
Feb. 15th, 2004 @ 09:08 pm Been A While
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Feb. 15th, 2004 @ 04:08 pm (no subject)
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Okay. Here is me writing on emtion aigan. Please let me know what I can do to improve. thank you. Also my spelling / grammer is well, crappy. So really I am begging for help.


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